Step Stakes for  TurfSigns™ That Enhance Durability and Visibility


turf-stakes-imageTurfSigns™ is an affordable, effective alternative to the standard chemical application notices many States require of lawn care companies. Just as important as the quality of the sign is the quality of the step stake it is mounted on. In addition to providing the best yard posting signs in the industry, TurfSigns™ manufactures its own step stakes, made of durable hard plastic and specially designed to increase the visibility of the Turf Signs lawn care signs.

What difference do the right step stakes make? All the difference in the world. Signs are effective when properly displayed, and mounting them on inferior materials might leave them vulnerable to being blown over by the wind, drenched in the rain, or wilted in the hot sun. Turf Signs’ step stakes are specially designed to resist the elements of the weather, keeping your lawn care marketing message prominent for as long as it is left in the ground by the homeowner.

They are especially designed to hold firmly into the ground and are also easy to handle and install. Mount your signs on our step stakes. Don’t resort to tying your sign to a fence or stick, rather have them erected properly so as to send the correct message to your existing and potential clients. It is your image that is at risk, your signs are your business face to the world. What are you projecting? We stock a variety of sizes so that whatever your needs are we can cater to them.

Turf Signs specially designed step stakes are a must have for lawn care companies, they are the perfect tool for any business that works on site, whether for residential or commercial installations and repairs. Other types of businesses that can benefit from the marketing power of Turf Signs include:

  • Rent-to-own companies
  • Air conditioner/HVAC companies
  • Cell phone companies
  • Pool companies
  • Maid services
  • Political campaigns


To get started with this innovative, cost-effective marketing tool, Call us at (855) 887-3744 or (813)-444-4441 or visit us at

Most orders TurfSigns and sign stakes can be processed and shipped to any destination in the country in as little as two weeks.


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